How to Book a Tour By Dogsled

1. How Many sleds do you need?  Two adults per sled, not to exceed 375 lbs.

Pick a Time. Morning, Midday, or Sunset 

2. Go to the Calendar, click button for desired date and time.

(Calendar moves left and right)

3. Click "Book Now" and it will take you to the reservation page.  Fill in your information.                         

4. Where it reads, #of sleds, use arrow to scroll down, that is the number available, If there aren't any numbers, there are no more sleds for that time, so you will have to pick another!

It reads "spots" on the calendar---substitute the word "sleds" in place of "spots"     

5. You will receive a confirmation. Please remember that we go in all conditions and this trip is non-refundable!

You WILL receive a text to the number provided between 4-7pm  the night before your trip.

*For Odd numbered families, we reserve the right to ask an adult to stay behind, even if you are under the weight limit,  if you cannot fit comfortably in the sled. Overloading sleds causes undue wear and tear on the sleds and older children may not enjoy this once in a lifetime adventure sitting in someone's lap!

Fevn if

We are fully booked, waitlist only!

Lap Children are small enough to fit in a lap!

Combined Weight of two people in sled is 375 pounds!


Tour Availability

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Summer and Winter Dog Sled Tours Outside Durango, CO  (click here for printable info. page)

Summer Kennel Tours start at 2525 CR 124, Hesperus, Colorado 81326 (by reservation only!)

Please book a tour before visiting.
The kennels are at our private home.


Winter Tours begin at various trailheads depending on snow conditions. Contact us for details.