Sealess tube bandana

Shorty:  25cm tube width x 25cm length.  This model excels as a Low Profile Face Shield, Helmet Liner, Headband, Lightweight Tubular Bandana or Cooling Wrap

DDR Shorty Pandana

SKU: Shorty
    o  Super Soft Microfiber offers versatility and technical functionality
    o  Tight weave fine gauge fabric helps filter airborne impurities
    o  Breathe-through thin fabric (even when double layered)
    o  Tubular Seamless Mechanical Stretch Construction with no added elastic provides a close fit
    o  Moisture Wicking
    o  Lightweight & Breathable
    o  Vector HD Digital Sublimated Graphics will not crack or peel
    o  Soft and Comfortable Texture
    o  UV Protection (blocks over 90% of the Sun's harmful UV rays)
    o  Double Layer SPF 50+ (Test Results Available on Request)
    o  Passes CPSC Flammability Standard 16 CFR Part 1610 (Test Results Available on Request)

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Summer Kennel Tours start at 2525 CR 124, Hesperus, Colorado 81326 (by reservation only!)

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