Booking will begin on September 1st! Note: our first date of operation is December 1st. Historically, we have been able to find snow packed trails in the mountains. Be prepared for a cart or sled pulled by sled dogs!

We offer multi hour tours by dogsled in and around the snowy mountains of Southwest Colorado at Each sled holds up 2 people not to exceed 375 lbs. and each sled has a guide. Families are grouped together. We go in all conditions and have many trails to choose from all within 60 minutes of downtown Durango. All trips are non-refundable* as we have saved the sled just for you! This is a very interactive family friendly adventure. We have been called one of the best things to do in Durango and have been reviewed in Frommer's Travel Guide.



DURANGO DOG RANCH is owned and operated by Gregg & Gretchen Dubit. In 1988 these two outdoor enthusiasts met as employees of Sugarbush Ski Resort in Vermont. They moved west to attend Fort Lewis College and both became teachers. The outdoors called again and Gregg's fascination with sled dogs led to adventures by dogsled. It all started twenty-eight years ago when Gretchen said "I Do" and Gregg thought she said, "I do want two kids (Lydia, 17, and Hayden 15), thirty dogs, three cats, and three fish to grow old with". This family business is in its twenty-fifth year. 

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