Durango Dog Ranch welcomes...

We are getting ready for winter and that means that new things are happening. This website is new. And we have some new faces. Jared and Robyn O'Neill have joined us this winter from running their own dog sled operation in Pennsylvania and having worked at various dog sledding operations in Colorado.  Jared's passion is running dogs and Robyn has been the brains behind him just like Gregg and I have done it for the past twenty years.  We are so happy to have such fine reinforcements. We think Jared and Robyn fit in just great at the ranch and hope they stay for a long, long time. Elise Cody is a new recruit having found us just by chance. She is young and has experience working in a kennel in New Hampshire and she loves running dogs and rivers. We feel fortunate to have our team together.  We still have our old faithfuls like Chris Young who has been with us for seven years and Candiss White who tended the dogs for some time, but her season was cut short when she cracked her head on the ice while carrying a bucket of food one day in November.  She is going to try again and we are sure glad because they don't come any better than Candiss. And finally new this year, our nieces Chloe Weiss and Olivia Terranova will be interning with us during Christmas break. Things are looking mighty good at the Durango Dog Ranch. Come see us this winter our staff is super!

Gretchen Dubit

Durango Dog Ranch, Purgatory Flats Trail, Durango, CO, 81301