This is How we Move it, Move it!

November 2015IMG_3926 This is how we move it, move it! Today was moving day and the shed arrived happily and safely to our Purgatory kennel. The Egyptians have nothing on Gregg Dubit who single handedly moved the ten foot by eight foot shed that he has lovingly been building at home for the past few weekends. When it came time to give it a home, his helpers were none other than Lydia (12), Hayden (9), Annelise (11) and Gretchen (no age available) and this crew was of little help when it came to moving this shed. Gregg used a large round beam and walked like an Egyptian as he engineered this shed moving by rolling it onto the beams from a tilt deck car hauler as the rest watched in amazement. Lydia shouted for me to get it on camera because as John Bercheron of American’s Funniest Home video’s says “if you get it on film, you could get it in cash”. Of course we all thought the shed was going to hit the ground, topple over and break into several pieces. Alas, none of this happened and all was well. Gregg’s ingenuity was impressive. Now all we need it snow!

Gretchen Dubit

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