Durango Dog Ranch

Mailing: PO Box 29
Hesperus, Colorado 81326
(970)759-1691 (Gretchen cell)

Our Kennel and Home is located in Hesperus. Kennel Tours and Cart Rides are done BY RESERVATION ONLY, PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE TO KENNEL UNLESS WE ARE EXPECTING YOU!

Introduction to Mushing/Hourly Tours take place at Purgatory Resort. #1 Skier Place. Our kennel is off Highway 550 in the ski area boundary.

Mush on the Brain/Half Day tours take place in Mancos, thirty minutes west of Durango, near Transfer Campground in the National Forest. 

1 Hour Tours at Purgatory Resort


Half Day Tours in Mancos


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About Us:  


The Dubit Family

DDR is owned and operated by Gregg, Gretchen, Lydia(15) and Hayden(13) Dubit. It all twenty six started years ago when Gretchen said "I Do" and Gregg thought she said "I do want two kids, thirty dogs, three cats, and three fish to grow old with". This family business is in its twenty fifth year.


Elise Cody

Elise is in her third year with DDR and we are hoping she will never leave. Her love for rivers and dogs keeps her here, but she will have to move on someday. She is pursuing a degree in nursing when not working at the ranch.

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YOUR BIO HERE! We are always looking for part timers. Send us a resume and we will invite you upto learn how to scoop poop and run dogs!